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World of Beer Jacksonville, FL

I used to live near the World of Beer location in Jacksonville, Fl. Going for the first time was a bittersweet experience. I’d spent hours in that corner space sipping mochas, sitting on a fluffy purple chair, and looking out the window. That was back when it was a Starbucks. I get oddly sentimental about where I spend dozens of hours of my time (and more than a dozen dollars of my money). I still haven’t gotten over the two Starbucks downtown closing.

The blow softened, though, when I found out it was a World of Beer. Starbucks never served beer. I made sure to go on a week night, early in the evening, so as to avoid the drunk crazy yuppies. There were still yuppies, but they were just hitting on buzzed, and they were behaving.

We went on a trivia night, which meant we were there for close to four hours. My butt hurt after sitting so long in a hard chair. I had a nice time, though. The server was kind, and fairly attentive (even after we were there so long). She’s not in danger of becoming anyone’s go to expert on beer, though. My other half, Clint, asked for a black and tan with Newcastle and Guinness, but they didn’t have Newcastle. She couldn’t recommend a good replacement. I can’t remember what she brought instead, but it wasn’t even the same style as Newcastle.

Our friend, who isn’t originally from the U.S., expected more international choices from a place called “World of Beer.” She was disappointed.

I had some fantastic beer, so I was happy. I’d never had Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. They had it on tap, and it was the smoothest, creamiest beer I’d ever had. Even the head was tight.

I also had a Cigar City Homemade Apple Pie. I love cider, but I generally don’t like mead. This combination tasted like honey apples. It also tipped me over the tipsy cliff. Just for experiment’s sake, I mixed some with the chocolate stout. Oh my goodness. Mixing them was fantastic. It was like adding chocolate syrup to apple pie.

The food was good, too. I had a flat bread, which was quite good, and only eight bucks.

The restaurant was full, but it wasn’t too loud. I have a hard time hearing, but I didn’t have to shout too much, or endlessly mouth “What? What did you say?”

I’m not sure that my experience would be as favorable on a weekend night, but that’s why I do online podcasts on the weekend. No crowds, and the bathroom’s usually free.




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