Reason to Drink – October 30, 2014

Everyone is gearing up for Halloween parties this year. Rightly so, as Halloween did us a favor by landing on Friday night. But, for those of us that need a reason to celebrate on Thursday, October 30th, let me help you out: National Candy Corn Day.


There isn’t much evidence that this holiday was ever sanctioned on the National level, but card makers and writers have been celebrating this confection’s day for some time. The candy itself dates back to the 1880’s when George Renninger first created it for Philadelphia sweet’s maker, Wunderle Candy Company. The treat has evolved over time into the Halloween staple we know and love.

For pairing purposes, we could go the obvious route and pair with something with a corn adjunct, but my tastes prefer to pair the sweets with a nice big, full-bodied stout. In the last few weeks, Founders released a new batch of their awesome Breakfast Stout. Perhaps that coffee and oatmeal infusion of deliciousness would be the perfect choice. I will personally be giving this one a try this evening. What would you pair it with?



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3 Comments on “Reason to Drink – October 30, 2014
  1. I think “Cubano Espresso”, from Cigar City, would pair well with the candy corn. The rich coffee notes, and malty backbone of this ale, would help to balance out those ungodly sweet, sugary niblets.

  2. Agreed, Tom. My love of coffee beers runs deep. Like the love of a dog for his master. Like the love of a parent for a child. Like the love of a cat for its….well, they don’t love anyone…

    Bottom line: Coffee beer would pair well with tea made from old sweaty socks IMHO.

    Thanks for your comment!

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