Scotland Votes Yes or No by Way of Beer Orders

As the beer goes, so goes the country. At least that’s what the Scotland brewery Brewmeister is suggesting. We’ll find out tomorrow if Scotland’s citizens vote yes to becoming an independent country or no to leaving the United Kingdom. In the meantime, though, if you believe that less than a thousand Scottish craft beer drinkers represent the feelings of the entire country, then you already have tomorrow’s answer.

Want to be spoiled? The results were reported in this article,

Of course you could argue that craft beer drinkers are independent minded rapscallions by nature. Also, you could argue that no vote would be complete without the whiskey drinkers. It will be interesting to see if all of Scotland goes the way of Brewmeister’s customers.

(BTW it’s a little pleasure, but I love not having to put in my birth date for a Scottish beer site.)