Intuition Ale Works is Moving Closer to Lola (But Still Not Close Enough)

Intuition Ale Works logo very cropped

Intuition Ale Works, the Jacksonville, Florida based brewery, is expanding. They have filed a request with the Downtown Development Review Board to move downtown. This has been in the works for awhile, as evidenced by this video from 2012.

I can attest from personal experience that the current location (720 King Street) is small. The location mentioned in the video (The Shipyards) is a nice strip of vacant land on the river (and the site of the Jaxtoberfest brew fest), but that’s not where they’re going. Instead, they’re moving across the street to 929 East Bay Street: near the football arena, baseball grounds and Veteran’s Memorial Arena. That’s okay with me, because when I get tired about halfway through the baseball game, I know where this girl’s going. Yes, I’ll be kicking back at the rooftop beer garden.

Here’s the Google Street View of the downtown location.

This is the Street View of their current location.

Intuition’s new location will only be about 3.7 miles from its current residence. However, that will bring it closer to me, and that’s what matters. It won’t be walking distance, but maybe if I hold my nose up in the right direction, I’ll catch a whiff of brewing beer, much like how the rich Maxwell House aroma drifts down to us sometimes.

Ooh…beer and coffee…intermingling…mixing together…I like it already. I just need chocolate.

The owner of the brewery, Ben Davis, is quoted in the Florida Times article as saying it’s not so much about the extra square footage (though there will be more); instead the benefit is in the higher ceilings. He’ll be able to bring in more equipment. He also mentions that he’ll probably close the taproom on King St. (Man, they won’t be part of the King Street Beer District anymore…) but keep brewing there—at least until the lease runs out in two years.

The City Council seems keen on Intuition coming closer to the water. I hope they’re willing to work to make this happen.


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