Pints and Quarts Interviews Author Sean Lewis

Thursday, October 23rd for Pints and Quarts | Craft Beer Nation (Ep.020) we interview Sean Lewis, author of We Make Beer – Inside The Spirit And Artistry Of America’s Craft Brewers.  Newly published by St. Martin’s Press Sean writes of his exploration of the American Craft Beer landscape, imparting not only his own experiences diving into the technical aspects of brewing but the love and passion and camaraderie found among many brewers from small operations to the movers and shakers on the American Craft Beer scene.

We Make Beer


We’re excited to have this opportunity to speak with Sean about his experiences that lead to We Make Beer and to where his love of craft beer might take him next.

You can watch the Live Hangout On Air on our Google+ Event Page.  Feel free to comment right on our Event Page so we can share your thoughts with Sean Lewis live.
Pints and Quarts | Craft Beer Nation (Ep.020) Event Page

If you don’t have Google+ Account (and why don’t you?) you can also watch the live feed on our YouTube Channel.  And we will be able to see any comments you make on the YouTube page during the live show to share with the audience.

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