New Belgium Doubles Down on Craft Beer at CSU


In the news this past week New Belgium Brewing issued a press release announcing a donation of $4.3 million dollars to Colorado State University. The money is going to build a beer garden at the football stadium.

This will be the first facility of it’s kind in college sports stadiums, and we in the Nation are hoping it sparks a trend. Well, a trend for infrastructure investment that is. As for educational investment, this is the second time in two years that New Belgium has granted some money to CSU.

In the Spring of 2015, CSU was the recipient of a million-dollar gift from New Belgium Brewing and it’s then CEO, Kim Jordan. That was to bolster their fermentation sciences degree program. Craft Beer Nation interviewed CSU’s Director of Industry Outreach, Jeffrey Callaway on an episode of Pints and Quarts in April of 2015. Here is the video from that:

Maybe we should get Jeff back on the show to see how things are going with that program…




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