Lola Drinks 3Beans

Sixpoint 3Beans

That’s breaking news, folks. I had Sixpoint Brewery‘s 3Beans for the first time, and it was lovely. Thanks go to Justin for sending it to me.

It’s a full-body, rich beer. It’s infused with the oak from the barrels it was aged in, giving it a woody, smoked flavor.

There isn’t a micro meter of space wasted in this beer. Every bit of it has flavor: cocoa, coffee, malt and a little hint of spiciness—almost like chili peppers. That probably comes from the beans.

The coloring is a medium brown. The head is creamy, smooth and khaki in color.

I would drink this beer any day, and be happy for it. I hope this isn’t my last time drinking this beer! Seekabrew says that I should have full distribution here. I’ve only seen one Sixpoint beer here ever, and that was the one I had Thursday night. Let’s hope I see 3 Beans here in the future.



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