When I heard Brown Shugga’ would not be made anymore I was lucky to get 2 bottles last year from my friend +Matthew Miller . Well I’m happy they did brew it again so now I can do a side by side comparison.
They both still taste great. The last year batch did loose some aroma. The citrus and sweetness comes out much stronger in the 2013 batch. The 2013 also poured darker than the 2012. The head is a light tan on both batches. They are both very hop forward and bready/yeast with some malt backbone that you only get when it gets a bit warmer and a bit more of molasses and the brown sugar. I normally don’t care for sweet IPA but it works nicely with this particular beer. The 2013 seems a little calmer to palate but which is a surprise since I expect the 2012 to be more mellow by now. It’s more hoppy than the 2013. Wonderful lacing around the glass. The 2012 kept its syrupy mouth feel but not as much for a year old batch. This is a quite complex beer with so many flavor that keep changing as the beer temperature rises. They are both full body beers well carbonated and smooth. But I can tell you that after two bottles at 9% ABV I feel a little inebriated. (Still I will have one more beer.
This is definitely a wonderful beer. If you never tried this go out right now and buy a pack. You won’t regret. Thanks +Lagunitas Brewing Company for bring this back. I hope to see Sucks still since it was a pretty darn good beer as well.
My mind is in spiral with this




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