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Friday, April 17, 2015 will be Craft Beer Nation Friday Night Hangout Episode 154: Pilsner.

PILSNER is a Pale Lager, named after the city of Plzen, Bohemia, Czech Republic where it was first brewed in 1842. The well known Pilsner Urquell is still brewed there to this day.

One staple of the Pilsner is the Saaz Noble Hop, which gives this style its mild, herbal and earthy notes, along with a little spice. The Saaz Hop is the dominant hop produced in the Czech Republic. Our own Gil Melo is a huge fan of the Pilsner.

“Pilsner are very delicate beers. Softness and freshness are crucial.” – Gil Melo

The Modern Pilsner falls into three main categories:

German Pilsner


Jever Pilsner – photo by Charles Dunkley

Victory Pils

Czech Pilsner


Lagunitas Pils – photo by Charles Dunkley

Pilsner Urquell*
Lagunitas Pils

European Pilsner


Heinekin – photo by Charles Dunkley

Stella Artois*

After spending three weeks celebrating the boldness of the American Hop, this week we take a sharp turn back in time to the Lager side of the spectrum and specifically to the Pilsner. We will be exploring Lagers further in a couple of weeks, diving deeper into this traditional well. But for #FNH154 it is all about the Pilsner.

The traditional Pilsner is a difficult style for the craft beer drinker to explore as many of the main players that helped create and build the style are now owned by the major Macro Brewers. More American craft brewers are delving into the style, beginning to offer a bit more of a selection for those among the craft beer drinkers who choose not to give any of their money to the Macro Breweries.

“Because Pilsners are soft and crispy in flavor, any defects that may exist in the beer are more perceptible than in most other styles. You can not mask a bad Pilsner.” – Gil Melo

While the Pilsner may seem a simple style of beer it is its own artform. A great Pilsner stands forward providing that crispness and refreshment with no loads of hops to mask deficiencies. Pilsner is the acoustic folk singer of the craft beer world. Out there with nothing to hide behind. And when done right it’s that perfect beer for a hot Summer day.

“I love Pilsners. They are wonderful example of balance. When the summer comes I grab all the Pilsners I find to enjoy in those sunny hot days while grilling my BBQ.” – Gil Melo

Join us Friday, April 17, 2015 at 10:00PM Eastern for our live Hangout On Air, hosted on our Google+ Event Page and on our YouTube Page. Drop us a note here or G+ or YouTube letting us know your thoughts on the PILSNER. Do you have a favorite? Or do you walk right past them on the shelves?

We want to hear from you.

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*Denotes beer owned by Macro Brewers such as ABInBev, SABMiller, etc.



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