Friday Night Hangout Milestone and the Barleywine


On Friday, March 20, 2015 Craft Beer Nation will reach Episode 150 of the Friday Night Hangout. We’ve celebrating with BARLEYWINE a big favorite of many of us here at Craft Beer Nation. A version of the Strong Ale, Barleywine has been around for a few hundred years. And it is another English style beer that America has taken and loaded up with hops giving us today’s divided Barleywine experience.

The English Barleywine is a big malty beer, often with a raisin or grassy note to it, and a warm alcohol burn.

The American Barleywine is a big Strong Ale loaded with hops. Some American Barleywines can border on the Triple IPA realm in terms of their hoppy profile.

Either way, a Barleywine is a beer you sit back and take a while to work your way though. It’s most definitely a “sipper” beer and not a quick toss one back style at all.

Here’s to the Barleywine. We look forward to enjoying our fair share on Episode 150 of our Friday Night Hangout over on Google+ and YouTube

Feel free to drop us a line over at either location or comment here with your favorite of the style. Cheers!



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