Friday Night Hangout – #IPAday

FNH - IPAday

Friday Night Hangout – #IPAday – We’re Still Celebrating

Thursday, August 6, 2015 is #IPAday and we are in celebration mode on our #FridayNightHangout episode 170.

Back in late March through early April we explored the Ale, from Pale Ale all the way up to the big Imperial IPAs.  And now it’s looking like that was just a homework assignment, a training session for #IPAday 2015.

IPA is always a great style of craft beer to dive into and we’re super happy #IPAday is here so we can dive right back into the style.

For a breakdown of the India Pale Ale you can click the links below to our previous shows.

Friday Night Hangout

Join us Friday, August 7, 2015 for #FridayNightHangout Episode 170.

Share Your Thoughts

Are you an IPA fan?  Are you newer to craft beer and haven’t yet made the leap into hoppy gloriousness?

Share with us your IPA experiences. Drop us a comment below or head on over to our Google Plus Event Page or our YouTube Page and comment there and look for us to share your comments on air.

We love sharing our new craft beer experiences and love to hear from others.

#FNHBeer Style: #IPAday

What To Watch

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