Friday Night Hangout – Double IPA

Craft Beer Nation - Friday Night Hangout - Ep. 153 -DIPA

Craft Beer Nation – Friday Night Hangout – Ep. 153 -DIPA

Friday, April 10, 2015 we wrap up our Pale Ale journey with Episode 153 and the Double India Pale Ale. This is also become known as the Imperial IPA as some breweries package theirs as Triple IPAs.

We were going to break Double and Triple out into their own Episodes but since Triple IPA isn’t really a recognized style (that and the availability of the few marketed that way isn’t widespread enough for our Panel to all get their hands on) we’re combining them for this episode.

While the IPA may be the rock star of the Craft Beer world, for hop heads it is the DIPA that really reigns supreme. The IPA today is more like the Pale Ale of yesteryear. If we are in the mood for Hops. We are in the mood for HOPS!

Pack them in there. We want the nose to send us off to some tropical paradise. We want the citrus and mango and pineapples to rampage across our palate.

But that doesn’t mean we want only hops. A big Imperial IPA needs to have a robust Malt backbone to balance it out. A DIPA that’s only Hops quickly fades into an unbalanced mess. A proper Malt presence really is key to a great beer.


In the world of the DIPA or Imperial IPA there is The Big Three:

Russian River – Pliny the Elder
Alchemist – Heady Topper
Bell’s – Hopslam

Whenever talk makes it way around to the DIPA these are the three beers most often spoken of. Personally I’ve only ever had Hopslam out of the three so I can’t speak for whether or not they are all deserving of this accolade.

Note: Anyone interested in sending me some Pliney or Heady to see if they are worth the hype, feel free to let me know.

I’ve had Hopslam twice. The 2014 Hopslam was my first taste. I could see why this beer had the hype surrounding it but was underwhelmed. And then I had the 2015 Hopslam and it blew me away. I’m guessing last year must have been an off year because the 2015 is phenomenal.

Now, that said, I have a DIPA and an Imperial IPA marketed as a Triple that I would both rank above Hopslam, but this is personal preference on my part.

Sixpoint Resin – IIPA

Sixpoint - Resin - DIPA

Sixpoint – Resin – DIPA


Sixpoint Hi-Res – IIIPA

Sixpoint - Hi-Res - IIIPA

Sixpoint – Hi-Res – IIIPA


I will drink these two beers over Hopslam any day. Where Hopslam gets its unique spin on the Imperial IPA with its addition of honey, Resin and Hi-Res are all about that big piney, resin. That bitter citrus. But both have a strong malt backbone that keeps either from going over the cliff.

Side By Side

Sixpoint Hi-Res and Bells Hopslam

Sixpoint Hi-Res and Bells Hopslam

I recently did a side by side comparison with Hi-Res and Hopslam and they were strikingly similar.  Hi-Res wins out for me with its far more enjoyable finish.  Hopslam leaves my palate with an odd aftertaste whereas Hi-Res leaves it clean and wanting more.

Noteable Double / Imperal IPAs

Lagunitas – Lagunitas Sucks
Dogfish Head – 90 Minute IPA
Dogfish Head – 120 Minute IPA
Surly – Abrasive
Firestone Walker – Double Jack IPA

There are way too many great DIPAs to list here. Your mission: go and seek them out. If you like Hops but haven’t made the deep dive into these waters yet now is the time to go for it.

Join us Friday, April 10, 2015 at 10:00PM Eastern for our live Hangout On Air, hosted on our Google+ Event Page and on our Ep. 153 YouTube Page. Drop us a note here or G+ or YouTube letting us know your thoughts on the DIPA.

We want to hear from you.

You can watch the replay here:

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