Friday Night Hangout – Celebrating Lagunitas Brewing

FNH - Celebrating Lagunitas


Friday Night Hangout – Celebrating Lagunitas Brewing

Episode 171 of the #FridayNightHangout is going to be a hopping time as we crack open a bunch of Lagunitas Brewing goodness.


For the uninitiated Lagunitas is pronounced LAH GOO KNEE TUSS

Hops Take Center Stage

Known for their hoppy beers, Lagunitas first opened its doors back in 1993 and has since grown into one of the largest craft breweries in the US.

Lagunitas IPA

IPA-Tap-Sticker_smallTheir Lagunitas IPA is the quintessential west coast style IPA with its grapefruit hoppy signature. Add in beers like Hop Stoopid and the world class Lagunitas Sucks and it’s easy to see why Lagunitas has a reputation for hoppy beers.

Mistakes Lead To Greatness

Some of Lagunitas most beloved beers were born out of mistakes in either the brewing process or scheduling.

Brown-Shugga-Tap-Sticker-smallBrown Shugga’ Was a failed attempt at their Olde GrarlyWine. Brewed with loads of actual brown sugar this is a big sweet malty craft beer with a generous amount of hops to perfectly balance it our.  Our own Gil Melo’s favorite.

When last we celebrated Lagunitas on our Friday Night Hangout it took a whole 37 seconds into our show before some Brown Shugga’ was on display.

Sucks-Tap-Sticker_smallLagunitas Sucks Brown Shugga’ Substitute Ale came about after a scheduling mishap caused them to miss brewing that year’s batch of Brown Shugga’. This is a big tropical beast of a beer.  Loaded with barley, rye, wheat and malt, and dry hopped to perfection, Lagunitas Sucks is full of tropical fruits and resin on the nose and the taste buds. And we love those 32oz. bottles!

USA-Tap-Sticker_smallUndercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale is craft beer commemorating that time back in 2005 when they were shut down for 20 days for some extracurricular activities.  This is a malty sweet beer with an earthy and citrusy hoppiness to balance it out.

For the story behind this:

Overall there’s a lot to explore when it comes to Lagunitas. They are one of the best and most consistent breweries out there. Whenever we see a new Lagunitas craft beer hit the market it is very quickly in our fridges soon to be opened and savored. Is it Friday Night yet?

Friday Night Hangout

Join us Friday, August 14, 2015 for #FridayNightHangout Episode 171.

Share Your Thoughts

Have you explored all the amazing Lagunitas beers yet? Have you been fortunate enough to find yourself in California and stopped in and had any at their source?

Share with us your Lagunitas experiences. Drop us a comment below or head on over to our Google Plus Event Page or our YouTube Page and comment there and look for us to share your comments on air.

We love sharing our new craft beer experiences and love to hear from others.


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