Folio Weekly Beer Festival

Last month I went to the Folio Weekly Beer Festival, featuring regional beer choices and food trucks. I should have gotten the all-you-can-drink pass because each pour was only 4 ounces. I spent time in a few long lines, and then gravitated to the shorter ones.

I liked the two I had from Green Room Brewing Company: Diamond and Pablo Beach Pale Ale. I had an Aardwolf that I really liked, but I unfortunately can’t remember the name or type. For the first time ever, I had a Founders I *didn’t* like (All Day IPA). I’ve loved every other Founders I’ve had, though. This one was a bit rough—a bit too harsh.

I liked the Big Storm Brewing I had (Arcus IPA). I had a Unibrou I liked (Ephemere Pomme). It was light and fruity. The Big Nose IPA was a solid choice from Swamp Head Brewing Company. I was quite happy with the Southern Tier selection, “Live.”

The food was really good; I love me some food trucks. I had a carnita and a sausage dog with Duke’s Brown Ale sauce, onions and peppers.

Of course, this being Florida, it had to storm for 20 minutes. That thinned out the crowd, though, which meant I could go back for more beer with little time waiting.



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