Brew Republic Bierwerks | Pints and Quarts Ep.095

Beer Republic Bierwerks - Opening September 24, 2016

Beer Republic Bierwerks – Opening September 24, 2016

That’s right, a new brewery is hitting town.  Well, if you live in Woodbridge, Virginia, that is…

Later this month, Beer Republic Bierwerks is opening in Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center in Woodbridge. They are throwing open their doors and inviting all “citizens” to participate in the democratic process of selecting a hand-made, craft beer and sharing some time with your fellow citizenry.

This past week, we had two of the Head’s-of-State on a hangout with us to discuss their vision for a greater Northern Virginia.  We are convinced that Prime Minister, Jeff Frederick and Minister of Operations, Ryan Heisey, are the future of this great Nation. Check out the video below, or find the Pints and Quarts podcast to get all of the governmental details.

Freedom to the People!



Friday Night Hangout – #IPAday

FNH - IPAday

Friday Night Hangout – #IPAday – We’re Still Celebrating

Thursday, August 6, 2015 is #IPAday and we are in celebration mode on our #FridayNightHangout episode 170.

Back in late March through early April we explored the Ale, from Pale Ale all the way up to the big Imperial IPAs.  And now it’s looking like that was just a homework assignment, a training session for #IPAday 2015.

IPA is always a great style of craft beer to dive into and we’re super happy #IPAday is here so we can dive right back into the style.

For a breakdown of the India Pale Ale you can click the links below to our previous shows.

Friday Night Hangout

Join us Friday, August 7, 2015 for #FridayNightHangout Episode 170.

Share Your Thoughts

Are you an IPA fan?  Are you newer to craft beer and haven’t yet made the leap into hoppy gloriousness?

Share with us your IPA experiences. Drop us a comment below or head on over to our Google Plus Event Page or our YouTube Page and comment there and look for us to share your comments on air.

We love sharing our new craft beer experiences and love to hear from others.

#FNHBeer Style: #IPAday

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Friday Night Hangout Posts:

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Craft Beer Nation Ale Series




Foothills Brewing on Pints and Quarts

Foothills Brewing

Foothills Brewing

Foothills Brewing | Pints and Quarts – Ep.054

Pints and Quarts Episode 054 welcomes Foothills Brewing to our show.  We have the pleasure of interviewing Jamie Bartholomaus, the President and Brewmaster at Foothills.

About Foothills Brewing

Starting in 2005 with just 800 barrels Jaimie has grown Foothills into a multimillion dollar regional brewery approaching 40,000 barrels a year.

Sexual Chocolate

Sexual Chocolate - Foothills Brewing

Sexual Chocolate – Foothills Brewing

While Foothills makes a slew of great beers they are perhaps best well known for the buzz surrounding Sexual Chocolate.  A cocoa infused Imperial Stout coming in at 9.75% ABV, this is one powerhouse craft beer.

Here’s the description from their website:

A cocoa infused Imperial Stout. Opaque black in color with a dark brown head. Big chocolate aroma with notes of espresso, blackstrap molasses, dark sweet toffee and dark fruit. Smooth dark chocolate backbone with complex notes of coffee, dark toffee and dark fruit.

As if that wasn’t enough they also seasonally brew a bourbon barrel aged version.

Foothills Beer List

We’re excited to talk with Jamie to hear what Foothills has been up to.

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Friday Night Hangout – Lambic

FNH - LAMBIC - CBNFriday Night Hangout – LAMBIC

It’s time to take a virtual visit to the Pajottenland region of Belgium and explore the Lambic.

Brewing Process

Lambic is produced by spontaneous fermentation, by exposing the beer to wild yeast and bacteria.  This unpredictable process gives the Lambic its distinctive flavors.

Lambic runs the gambit from dry and cidery to funky and sour and might be a good and interesting way to introduce your red wine drinkers to beer.

Lambic is mostly wheat, a combination of malted barley and unmalted wheat (approx. 60-40 percent).  The wort is cooled overnight in a flat pan and left exposed to the elements so all of those wonderful microorganisms can perform their magic. Here you will find, amongst a horde of other microorganisms the wonderful Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces pastorianus and Brettanomyces bruxellensis.

You can find Lambic being brewed and fermented in the colder parts of the year.

Where are the Hops?

The Lambic is interesting is how hops play a role.  Unlike many other beer styles where the hop can be an aromatic or flavor star, here they are used mainly for their natural preservative qualities.  The bittering, aroma and flavors imparted are still there but in the background.


One key component of the Lambic that makes it into the bottle is it is a blend of multiple Lambic beers.

There are currently 9 breweries brewing the Lambic wort within the Senne Valley and four lambic blenders who buy the wort from breweries to age in their own barrels and then make their custom blends.

The brewers take their various Lambic batches and blend them to get just the flavor they want and that is what goes into the bottle.

Lambic comes in a few different variations these days.


Cantillon_Classic_Gueuze - photo by Doug Nolan

Cantillon_Classic_Gueuze – photo by Doug Nolan

A mixture of a young and an old Lambic.  The younger Lambic undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle.  A gueuze can ferment up to a year before being shipped out for sale.  This version of the Lambic can often have a shelf life of up to 20 years.  The gueuze is also carbinated and champagne like.  Expect something dry and musty and barnyard with some acidic sour thrown in for good meausure.


Popular versions of the style


Lindemans Faro - photo by Gil Melo

Lindemans Faro – photo by Gil Melo

A sweetened beer featuring a blend of Lambic and a young beer with brown sugar added in, this low-alcohol beer is meant as an easy day drinker.



Lambicx_2011_2013 – photo by Charles Dunkley

This a Belgian beer was traditionally created by fermenting Lambic with sour Morello cherries. These days many breweries will use different cherries or even things like cherry juice and sugar.

Popular versions of the style:

There is a debate amongst some regarding the Kriek and the turning away of some brewers from cherries to fruit juice.  This is to be expected whenever time honored brewing traditions come face to face with market realities.  An interesting experiment might be to gather up a group of Kriek Lambic and divide them into the various categories of real fruit vs. juice and do a taste test to see if there is any discernable difference.

Even better, do a blind taste test and then see which ones came out on top.

Either way, finding interesting ways to go out and try more beers sounds like a science experiment just waiting.

Friday Night Hangout

Join us Friday, July 31, 2015 for #FridayNightHangout Episode 169.


Share Your Thoughts

Have you explored the Lambic yet? Have you been fortunate enough to find yourself in that region and stopped in and had any at their source?

Share with us your Lambic experiences. Drop us a comment below or head on over to our Google Plus Event Page or our YouTube Page and comment there and look for us to share your comments on air.

We love sharing our new craft beer experiences and love to hear from others.

#FNHBeer Style: LAMBIC

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DuClaw on Pints and Quarts

DuClaw Brewing Co.

DuClaw Brewing Co.

DuClaw Brewing | Pints and Quarts – Ep.053

For Pints and Quarts Episode 053 we will be interviewing Dave Benfield, Founder and Jim Wagner, Brewmaster of DuClaw Brewing out of Maryland.

About DuClaw

DuClaw opened its doors in its original location way back in 1996 and has continued to grow and expand to a state of the art facility on the outskirts of Baltimore.  You can read more about how Dave went from homebrewer to DuClaw’s “grand poo-bah” here.

With beer names like Sweet Baby Jesus, Dirty Little Freak and Hellrazer DuClaw doesn’t shy away from being creative and different.

DuClaw Beer List


Banner - CBN - PnQ - DuClaw

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Brew Dog on Pints and Quarts


Drop whatever plans you might have for Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 9:3o0PM Eastern and tune into Craft Beer Nation Pints and Quarts Ep. 051 for a live interview with Stewart Bowman, Head Brewer of Brew Dog, all the way from Scotland.  We’re super excited to be able to talk to Stewart.  Between the upcoming Brew Dog expansion into the US and what it’s like to work with James Watt and Martin Dickie there’s sure to be plenty to discuss.


RealAleCraftBeerAlso joining in as a special guest will be our friend, and prolific craft beer reviewer, Simon Martin, Real Ale Craft Beer, all the way from Cardiff.  Simon reviews multiple beers a day and uploads them to his YouTube channel .  You can also find him on Periscope where you get the behind the scenes live look at his review process.  Simon is a man who loves craft beer and that really shines through in his reviews.  They are always entertaining and sometimes epic.

It’s an international edition of PnQ.  And since it will be 2:30AM over there we greatly appreciate them both going out of their way to join us on our show.

Banner - CBN - PnQ - Brew Dog

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Friday Night Hangout – Dogfish Head

FNH Dogfish Head

FNH Dogfish Head

This week on Ep. 166 of #FridayNightHangout we are celebrating Dogfish Head Beers.  In the 20 years since its founding Dogfish Head has become known for it willingness to experiment.   They produce one of the widest varieties of beer styles of any craft brewery. From their “minute” series to reviving ancient recipes to all sorts of things in between there is always something new to find and taste with this brewery.

So go to your local craft beer shop and pick a few Dogfish Head beers and join us this Friday night.

And while you wait for Friday to roll around you can check out our interview with Dogfish Head Founder and President Sam Calagione at Savor 2015:

If you have a favorite or an opinion on Dogfish Head beers drop us a comment below or join us Friday, July 10, 2015 at 10:00PM Eastern for our live Hangout On Air, hosted on our Google+ Event Page and on our YouTube Page. Drop us a note here or G+ or YouTube letting us know your thoughts on DFH. Do you have a favorite? Or do you walk right past them on the shelves?  We will be keeping an eye over there to share comments live on air.

We want to hear from you.

#FNHBeer style: Dogfish Head

Here’s a few Dogfish Head beers I’ve enjoyed with Craft Beer Nation.





Measurements: The Pints and Quarts Wrap Up | Boulevard Brewing

Jeremy Danner started at Boulevard back in 2008 as a full time brewer and spent a few years being the brewing face of the brewery, developing the skills that developed into his current role, since 2013 as Boulevard’s Ambassador Brewer.

So just what is an Ambassador Brewer?  According to Jeremy:

“I do our social media. I also am kind of involved with recipe formulation, and cuz of all of the travel I get to see what’s happening in a lot of different beer scenes around the country and try to bring back that information to kind of help us be informed on what’s happening, what sorts of beers we should make and what’s going on.”

As our host Matthew Miller jokingly summed up: “So, you’re a spy. Your Ambassador duties include spying.”

Having never homebrewed Jeremy made his first batch of beer professionally in 2006 in a neighborhood brew pub where he bartended.  He brewed 7 barrels and hasn’t looked back since.

For our full conversation with Jeremy Danner, Boulevard’s Ambassador Brewer watch here


    -Jeremy Danner’s road to Ambassador Brewer


    -Ommegang Nirvana IPA brewed at Boulevard


    -On Boulevard Being purchased by Duvel


    -Imperial Stout X Series


    -The Calling IPA – Boulevard’s new super hopped IPA or, as Jeremy says: “The Beer of Destiny”


    -Boulevard’s Sour process


    -Boulevard Pilot Brewhouse


    -Output and Expansion


    -Brewery Tour


    -Boulevard craft beer at the Royals Stadium


    -Boulevard distribution expansion

Craft Beverage Job of the Week:
Karl Strauss Brewing – Brewer

The Spring issue from our friends over at Under My Host is out:
CRAFT by Under My Host® No.4: Water


Dick Cantwell Resigns from Anheuser-Busch and Elysian



    (Kalamazoo, MI)

Pumpkin Peach Ale

    – Brewed the Easy Way? only 48 bottle It’s  a “screw” you to AB – next week 20 a bottle that will go to Kalamazoo River Valley Trail.

Hi-Wire (Asheville, NC) Man Eater Imperial IPA – Brewed with Citra and Amarillo,  8.3% ABV – Tomorrow

New Belgium (Fort Collins, CO) Skinny Dip Blond Ale 4.2% ABV – April 13, 2015

Breckenridge (Denver, CO) Comic Con Hulk’s Mash Pale Ale – March 1st

Fegly’s Brew Works (Allentown,PA) Bethlehem 17th Anniversary Ale  – April 16, 2015

Saint Arnold ( Houston, TX) Bishop’s Barrel No 9 – April 15, 2015

Avery (Boulder, CO) Tectum et Elix Barrel Aged Series N026 – April 19, 2015

Great Divide (Denver, CO) Rumble Oak Aged IPA – April 16, 2015

Saucony Creek (Kutztown, PA) Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – April 19



North Carolina Beer Month

    Various Location , NC


    April 1 to 30

Kansas City on TAP
Kansas City, MO
April 25

Parkville Microbrew Fest
Parkville, MO
April 25th

Boston Beer Summit
Boston, MA
April 17 – 18

Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America
Portland, OR
April 14 – 17

TAP New York
Hunter Mountain, NY
April 25th and 26th

North Texas Firkin Fest
Arlington, TX
April 14 – 17

Royal Oaks Beerfest
Royal Oaks, MI
April 25

Community Tap Fest
Greenville, SC
April 25

Thanks to Craft Beverage Jobs for being our sponsor. And a big Thank You to Jeremy Danner of Boulevard Brewing for spending some time with us.

And Craft Beer Nation will be at Savor this year. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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Pints and Quarts Ep. 030 | Spring House Brewing Co.

Spring House

Live on Thursday (1/22/15) night at 9:30pm EST (and available anytime afterwards right here too), we will spend some time with Rob Tarves of Spring House Brewing Co. in Lancaster, PA Area. Rob is the Head Brewer of Spring House and we will be talking about their history, their beers, and their plans for the future.  We interviewed them a few years back, and are excited to see what delicious concoctions they have come up with since.




Girls’ Pint In – Ep24 | Craft Beer Nation

Come back to this page on Monday at 9:30 PM Eastern! We’ll be discussing label art that some might see as offensive or just plain tone deaf towards women.

Is it ok that the art made it past the label approvers?

Should we just not buy the beer, or should we actively engage the brewery regarding the artwork?

What is some of the artwork that we find offensive?