St. Boniface Brewing – Paideia Pale Ale – Pun intended

Paideia Pale Ale
St. Boniface Brewing Company (Ephrata, PA)

Style: American Pale Ale
Hops: Single Hop brewed with Citra
Malts: Blend of Malts
Availability:  Year Around Cans and Crowlers (Tap Room)
5% ABV, 55 IBUs
Glassware: Pint Glass

The name Paideia (pai·deia – (/pˈdə/;[1] Greek: παιδεία) is a Greek word to define the Culture and Education of a Society, Members of the polis. Which was valued for its effect on the body alongside the moral education which the Greeks believed; what was said to be a well-rounded Greek.  It “moulded” to the ideal of  kalos kagathos, “beautiful and good.”

The name is a perfect description for this well-rounded and beautifully brewed Pale Ale.

St. Boniface did an excellent job getting amazing flavors in the Paideia. This 5% ABV beer is definitely a successful brew that will make even hard core Hop Heads happy. It looks and tastes good.  Paideia, along with many other great beers St. Boniface is brewing, shows why they have had a steady growing brewery and the reason they came a long way from their small space in the old 1 Barrel brewery downtown Ephrata to their new 15 Barrel Brew House and Tap Room not very far from their old location.


Pour this from the can into a glass and with its wonderful golden color and nice frosty thick head this beer looks worthy of a beautiful Greek Goddess.


The Aroma has some biscuit malts and a nice pull of citrus with Clementine and nectarine notes and fruity hop from the Citra, it feels like a Greek Island summer.


It’s not too sweet and still has a very tropical fruit flavor that reminds me of Clementine and peach with a balanced back of biscuit and English Malts and bittersweet finish.


It is a good medium, between American and English Pale Ale. This beer was sure to change Dionysus mind and name beer as the new drink of the gods. Its light to medium body with a nice amount of carbonation makes it very drinkable.

Overall Impression:

As the name Paideia denotes. It’s a well-rounded beer of the polis that would certainly receive a hop wreath on its Odyssey.

St. Boniface offers Crowlers and Growlers pour so you can always enjoy their seasonal or one Offs.



photo by: Gil Melo




Brew Republic Bierwerks | Pints and Quarts Ep.095

Beer Republic Bierwerks - Opening September 24, 2016

Beer Republic Bierwerks – Opening September 24, 2016

That’s right, a new brewery is hitting town.  Well, if you live in Woodbridge, Virginia, that is…

Later this month, Beer Republic Bierwerks is opening in Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center in Woodbridge. They are throwing open their doors and inviting all “citizens” to participate in the democratic process of selecting a hand-made, craft beer and sharing some time with your fellow citizenry.

This past week, we had two of the Head’s-of-State on a hangout with us to discuss their vision for a greater Northern Virginia.  We are convinced that Prime Minister, Jeff Frederick and Minister of Operations, Ryan Heisey, are the future of this great Nation. Check out the video below, or find the Pints and Quarts podcast to get all of the governmental details.

Freedom to the People!



Aslin Beer Company Announces Expansion Plans



Many of the folks that follow us here at Craft Beer Nation know how much we love what Aslin Beer Co. is doing with their limited capacity up in Herndon, Virginia. After months of selling their supply of turbid IPAs and clean and inventive Berliners out each weekend, they are finally going public with their plan to meet some of the demand.

Last night, we invited two of the co-founders at Aslin to share the details with us on our YouTube channel via a live stream. We had Kai Leszkowicz and Andrew Kelley spend some time with us. The video has more information, but here are some quick details:

The new brewing equipment will be 10 hectolitres on the hot side (oversized a bit to be about 8.5 bbl in capacity), and then starting with four 20 hectolitre fermenters. They are also going to hold on to a few of their 4 barrel fermenters that have been serving them so well.

In addition to the new brewing capacity, they are going to start bottling some releases. They are installing a 4-head filler, and will release in the 500ml and 750ml sizes. They will still have their Crowler machine running, and will fill growlers, but the bottles will make for much easier management of releases.

The new equipment is being installed this fall, and they expect to be brewing their first batches on it around Thanksgiving time.

In the meantime, they are in the midst of working on a run of great sounding collaborations. You can watch the video for more specifics, but several of our moderators at Craft Beer Nation are attending Snallygaster in DC in September, and we can’t hide our excitement about getting to taste the collaboration Aslin is doing with Triple Crossing Brewing Company out of Richmond, VA. This pair of brewing greats are making a double IPA called “Form and Void”, and will be pouring it at the one-day festival on September 17th at The Yards in DC. If tickets are still available, you shouldn’t miss this great fall beer fest. Comment if you are going, and we can share a pretzel necklace!

Here is the video of the full interview:



New Belgium Doubles Down on Craft Beer at CSU


In the news this past week New Belgium Brewing issued a press release announcing a donation of $4.3 million dollars to Colorado State University. The money is going to build a beer garden at the football stadium.

This will be the first facility of it’s kind in college sports stadiums, and we in the Nation are hoping it sparks a trend. Well, a trend for infrastructure investment that is. As for educational investment, this is the second time in two years that New Belgium has granted some money to CSU.

In the Spring of 2015, CSU was the recipient of a million-dollar gift from New Belgium Brewing and it’s then CEO, Kim Jordan. That was to bolster their fermentation sciences degree program. Craft Beer Nation interviewed CSU’s Director of Industry Outreach, Jeffrey Callaway on an episode of Pints and Quarts in April of 2015. Here is the video from that:

Maybe we should get Jeff back on the show to see how things are going with that program…




Trillium Brewing Co. – Dialed In Double IPA | Quick Beer Review 007

Published on May 3, 2016
Trillium Brewing Co.
3rd Anniversary Beer

ABV: 8.5%
MALT: Pilsner, C-15, Flaked Wheat, Dextrine
HOPS: Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, Columbus

Commercial Description
Dialed In is a dank, juicy Double IPA intensively dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy. Pouring a vibrant, hazy gold; aromas of white wine, tropical fruit, and faint pine sap swirl around the nose. To enhance the distinct fruity, white grape flavors of the Nelson Sauvin hop, we integrated Sauvignon Blanc juice mid- fermentation. The addition of the potent Galaxy hop in the secondary dry hop charge provides enhanced notes of bright citrus, mango and over ripe pineapple. Soft and creamy with moderate bitterness; Medium-Light bodied with a crisp, dry finish.